Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm baaaack...

It's been awhile. There have been some ups and downs. But instead of reliving them all, we're moving forward from them. I'm on a new adventure.

The marathon.

No! Please don't leave! Don't get scared! There will be other things too!

This is just something I need to do. For myself. But I'm going to share it with you...whomever you are. And I'm going to be totally honest. And I hope that you come on this journey with me. No, I'm not asking you to run with me. Just read. If you're moved to leave a comment, that's always neat too.

More to come. But today is Day 2. And for today, here are my stats. I'm not particularly proud of them, but I'm still a work in progress. And everyone has to start somewhere right? So this is where I'm starting...

Name: Andrea
Age: 30
Weight: 187.0 (Smacks, did I just put my weight on the web for the world to read? Yup. Totally just did that. Never be ashamed of who you are. If you don't like it, work to change it. Which is what I'm doing. I'm working to change it. Own who you are. God loves you. Why shouldn't YOU love you?)
Body Fat %: 37.9
Bone: 5.5
Water: 45.3
BMI: 30.0
Workout: 4 sets- run 1 minute and walk for 5 minutes
Distance: 2.15 miles
Time: 31:31
Calories burned: 240
Average Mile: 14' 39"

- Run the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, October 2015
- Make healthy food/fuel choices
- Reside in a physically fit body

I have one year. Ready, set...