Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day's not easy being green...

It's not easy being green. Ok Kermit, I get it. Being green would be slightly awkward if you weren't a frog. But it's not that hard. You ARE a frog. People expect it from you. I'd like to suggest changing it to "It's not easy being me." Allow me to explain.

Sometimes I am a walking disaster. I seriously cause more physical harm to myself than one person should be allowed. On more than one occasion I have told my mother that I should not be allowed to live by myself because someday I'm going to injure myself and not be able to get anyone to help me. Fortunately for me, there are no cats in this crazy lady's life so I don't have to worry about the cat eating my face before help is able to show up. (I hope the SATC fans out there enjoyed my reference to one of Miranda's neuroses, that let's be honest, has crossed any single girl's mind when contemplating bringing a cat into your life).

Some of the injuries I've cause myself are just ridiculous. Tonight, the first thing? Smacked my head getting into my car...on the car frame. I don't even know how I did that! Somehow I managed to make it home from the store without further injury...until of course I walked into my kitchen. Again, no clue how I even managed to do this, but somehow my foot got caught on one of the cabinet doors and the door plunged into the side of my ankle. Oops...I meant my surgically reconstructed ankle. (Side note on that...Why is your ankle surgically rebuilt, you may ask? Great question! I sprained it getting off of a lawn mower and the tendons never shrunk back. Yes, getting off of a lawn mower. I'm THAT talented.) A couple of weeks ago I managed to slice my knuckle open on the toilet paper dispenser at a restaurant. How I DO this?

*Tangent for the Evening* I remembered as I was looking for the above picture that I have a picture of myself from when I was a little girl with my Kermit the Frog puppet. I LOVED playing with that puppet, and did so probably longer that it should have been played with. I'm convinced that Kermit started my love/collection of frogs that has continued far into my adulthood. There are a couple of frogs that have a special place in my heart. One of them is the Kermit puppet you see in the picture to the right. And yes, that is me. Yes, my hair was naturally that curly. No, I don't know why Kermit is trying to bite my face off.

I also have a set of ceramic frogs my Grandma Dorothy made when she was younger that I had the honor of receiving when she passed away. They sit on my window sil in my apartment and I think of her whenever I see them. And the latest frog that I have is the most significant is that buddy you see on the left. This frog I got while I was on a band tour in high school. I got him at the Flume Waterfall State Park in New Hampshire and promptly named him Flume Frog. Generally the past 13 years this has been shortened to just "Frog." We've gone on lots of travels and adventures together. He always rides in my carryon in the airplane. We can't risk losing Frog in checked luggage. More recently Frog has made a new friend, is now referred to as "Mr. Frog," and even has had a song written about him (think "Spiderpig").

Well kids...there's my daily blog for today. We're 25 of 365 days in and I've managed to make it this far everyday. Until tomorrow...

Live. Laugh. Love.


  1. I never ever have worries like Miranda's cat conundrum. I'm not an animal person so I will never ever have pets. Problem solved! ;)

  2. Kermit is telling you secrets, not biting your face. Only a few people would know that.