Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the one where i pretend to have a real blog...

This is the view out my front door as of 20 minutes ago.
Snow, snow and more snow.
Hey there fellow snowbunnies...also know as everyone in Southeastern Wisconsin. Tonight the lessons with my voice students were cancelled (boo...sad face) but it gave me some much needed downtime at home. Now the responsible Andrea would have done her dishes, cleaned her bedroom and put all her laundry away. I'm not quite sure where she was tonight...

After I managed to make my way home through everyone who apparently had never driven in snow before (apparently I didn't get the memo that it was "pretend you're from Arizona" day today), stop at the grocery store because of COURSE I didn't have any food in the house, and park somewhat remotely close to my parking spot in the back of my building...I locked the door, threw on some sweats, hit up HBO GO for a movie and crawled onto the couch with the old computer and iPhone. For those of you who don't know, I have a little computer nerd in me. I don't know much...just enough to be dangerous. And it was blog night.

Obviously I didn't spend the entire night working on a blog post...but I did spend it watching a movie and totally revamping the look of my blog. I'm certainly not done, but I like where it's headed. I made the picture in the header...that took a little bit of time. (Thank you Pixelmator.) I also redid the layout...the size of the columns...took out some putzy editing things...and changed some font colors around. It was looking a little too much like Halloween for my taste. Not so much into the oranges...so we changed to greens and grays. I'm still not satisfied with the middle background color and the post header background colors. But I have to leave something for another day. Plus I want to learn how to make my own header backgrounds for posts. #nerdalert

Hope y'all stayed nice and toasty warm tonight...early morning workout tomorrow (and no I don't mean digging my car out of the depths of snow which gma car is currently hiding underneath, though that will definitely happen before I can hit the tanning bed...er...gym.) Props to the kind sir who made sure the outside of gma car was squeaky clean before the snow came! =) Why exactly my car is "gma car" will have to wait until next time.

Until then...be happy. =)


  1. Thanks for the insult against orange. Now I'm sure you probably never read my blog unless you have to. lol ;) J/K But with all of it's lights and it's humid temperatures, I needed a color that made me think of heat and pizazz. Plus, I was not about to take that much time on it so I just stuck with a pre-made one, though I did mess with fonts. Props to you for going at it!

  2. This is only my 2nd winter and even I thought everyone else was driving like a bunch of lunatics. Get it together, folks.