Sunday, May 10, 2015

Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

In my mind, I've been writing posts consistently since last December. In reality, most of those posts were written while I was running or driving. However, neither of those two activities are actually very conducive to blog writing. So here I am now. May 10, 2015. 7:56pm. Started my first blog post in, well, let's just say "quite some time." 

My marathon goals are still alive. I'm about two months into my training. Tomorrow officially marks the 10th week of training already. The last two weeks have been really tough. Stuff at school has gotten extremely busy. Trying to cram an outside run in has been tough. I've been forcing myself to keep the runs outside to try and become somewhat accustomed to this dry desert air. I chose to drop my training for the week that our school put on it's spring musical. (I direct and run sound and design the lighting, etc.) It was just getting to be too much physically and mentally. I put forth a less than desirable effort to pick it back up this past week, but I'm ready to hit the ground running...pun intended...this week. 

With my less than stellar running the past two weeks, has come a less than stellar diet. When you're physically and mentally exhausted, it's really easy to succumb to the quick and easy food (I'm looking at you mac and cheese!). But that doesn't help you at all, because you aren't getting what your body needs to reboot! My one standby that I hold onto for dear life is sleep. And I held onto that like there was no tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is my re-boot. Kill the bad eating and workout habits of the last two weeks, and re-boot on both fronts. Green smoothies are prepped and ready to go in the freezer for each morning this week (Shoutout to Sprouts for having their blackberries on sale for 75¢ this weekend!). Pork roast is in the crock with lots of veggies for lunches and dinners (Yes, it smells as good as it looks). Greek yogurt and fresh fruit is stocked in the fridge for pre-workout snacks. 

I've decided that I'm going to try and update the blog once a week. This seems to be a reasonable and attainable goal. Each week I'll list three goals that I'm focusing on for the week. If you need an extra helping of this crazy cat, head on over to my Instagram account. Each run or workout usually gets its own post. I've also been known to frequent the brunch scene, travel, and/or display my love and obsession for good coffee. You know, just to keep it interesting.

The last tri we did together in June of 2013,
though I was the only one to complete the entire tri.
(The swim got cancelled after I finished
due to dangerous waters.) Since then
we've moved to opposite coasts
(Me: West Coast, Her: East Coast),
but I hope we can do another race together again!
The end goal is the marathon. It seems like a lofty and attainable goal all at once. Usually when people hear that I'm training for a marathon they either thing I'm completely crazy and ask why anyone would ever want to run that far, OR they are super excited and ask about my training and why I decided to run a marathon. (But I'll save that last one for another blog post). Just to keep the training interesting with some cross training, I'm going to be throwing a spring tri in there as well at the beginning of August. This isn't my first tri (and most definitely NOT my last), and the goal is simply to finish. One of the best ladies that I know got me into triathlons about four years ago. Feel free to follow her race to her first ever Ironman! She'll be completing her race a day before my marathon. She's my go to for anything and everyone triathlon related, whether it's matters of the bike or matters of the heart. She makes sure that I always #rememberwhyyoustarted. What a peach.

Here are the races I'm currently signed up for:

Registered Races:
Saturday, May 30 FroYo 5k in Scottsdale, AZ (actually a 10k for me)
Thursday, July 9 Storm the Bastille in Milwaukee, WI
Sunday, August 2 Solana Beach Tri in San Diego, CA
Sunday, October 4 Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, WI

And last, but certainly not least, here come the weekly goals. Hold on folks, we're in for quite the ride! (or swim, or run...)

Weekly Goals:
- Water, water, water...yourself and the squash you planted today.
- Log all training miles for the week. (Tu: 2mi, Wed: 3mi, Th: 2.5mi, Sat: of 13 miles)
- Green smoothie breakfasts, greek yogurt + granola snacks.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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