Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10...13 minutes and counting.

I have 13 minutes in the rest of today, so since I like to make lists so much...the next 13 thoughts to pop into my head. Ready, set...go!

1- I freaking love volleyball. I had SO much fun playing tonight. There isn't much I enjoy more than throwing myself into a pil of sand. I need to do this FAR more often.
2- My Grandma Dorothy was one of the best people I know. More to come on her in some future blog. But she's been on my mind a lot lately.
3- 13 things in 13 minutes is hard to do.
4- I fell in love today...with a guitar. It's a Martin. I can't wait to get it. Maybe the tattoo will have to wait a little bit.
5- I don't think I got all the sand off in the shower tonight.
6- Looking forward to drinks with Shirley tomorrow night. It's a little date-y-poo.
7- I can't wait for Pay Day on Friday...
8- I should get up and run tomorrow morning, but the cold sucks. I miss summer already. Would it be bad if I moved to Florida? Or Southern California? Who needs snow...give me sun.
9- I'm already counting down the days until Brewers 2013 starts. Then I start to get weirded out how close to the end of 2012 we are. Some days it seems like this year flew by.
10- I need to make an apple pie yet this fall. Anyone interested in being my guinea pigs for a new recipe?
11- I'm thinking about moving to London for a year. That'd be kinda cool, yeah?
12- SUPER pumped to be headed to Madison with my cousin for GAMEDAY against Minnesota in a couple of weeks. Hope to see some friends while I'm there... ;)
13- We had an unexpected meeting of our non-organized book club at work today. 50 Shades of Grey was the topic at hand. It was quite the scintillating and I was quite surprised at how much about these books some of these guys knew. Surprised...and possibly a little disturbed. But I sure did get quite the laugh!

Whew. With two minutes to spare. 10 days down...355 to go!

Laugh. It makes every day better. Catch y'all on the flip side...or tomorrow. =)

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  1. Ugh! I have the first Fifty Shades book here with me and I finished it, but now I have to figure out a way to get the other two without paying a ton for them. I reapeat, UGH! And if you want sun and warm weather, Hong Kong is calling your name. :) And yes, move to London for a year. It would be awesome!